Pitt Students 2022-23

Student Affairs email topics give you a way to personalize the content that you receive. Don't worry - you are able to change your preferences at any time! Here is what you can expect from each topic:

Arts (undergrads only): This weekly email gives you information on upcoming Free Arts Encounters and other art events.

Arts Hotlist (graduate/professional students only): This weekly email gives you information on upcoming cheap and free arts events in the city and on campus.

Career: This weekly email focuses on upcoming career and networking opportunities.

Community: This bi-weekly email promotes community engagement through community service, sustainability, education, and more.

Leadership: This monthly email provides leadership opportunities for students personally and within their student organizations, such as Emerging Leaders and Panther Leadership Summit.

Wellness + Recreation: This bi-weekly email consists of information about Campus Recreation activities, such as intramurals, group exercise, and facility hours and updates. It also includes health and wellness information.

All students on this list will receive the weekly Student Affairs newsletter and important updates from Dean Panzella. If you choose to unsubscribe from our list entirely, you will not receive important messages from the Dean. If you are a family member of a student and would like to join the Panther Parents Association and receive specific parent and family information, click here to subscribe.

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